Lisbon Round Up: Gen Yes, UKIP and Abortion

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So last night I attended the Generation Yes Event in Cork on Lisbon in Light of the Guarantees. It was a really interesting event and their will be videos, pictures and audio going up on the Generation Yes Website in the next few days. I will be getting involved in Generation Yes in Cork, so I’ll keep ye informed of goings on.

Without Libertas this time round, there is talk that the UK Independence Party might fill that role. According to Michael Heavers blog

It looks like Ireland’s only semi-high profile “no” campaign will be a newly-elected Socialist MEP. But he only has very niche appeal to the electorate at large. And so it appears that UKIP will once again be left to try and do what it can to deliver a blow to those who wish to create a federal Europe.

He does forget about Coir who were quite good at getting a few points across that get coming up on the canvass (eg Abortion and God). He goes on to point out that it would be wrong for UKIP MEPs to come here and campaign,

It wouldn’t be very wise for British MEPs to charge over to Ireland telling them what to do. We certainly wouldnt’t like it if it was the other way round.

I agree with him on that. UKIP’s role will be on the Guarantees.

Where UKIP can and I believe will play a part, is in scrutinising the legitimacy of the so-called “guarantees” that the EU have granted Ireland ahead of a second referendum.

No harm in them checking that out for us. Hopefully its something that will inform the debate here.

This week saw Joe Higgins launch his No Campaign for the treaty. As Micheal earlier pointed out, Joe is going to be the most high profile campiagner for the No side. Im sure he will be joined by Patricia McKenna and a few other councillors from People Before Profit and independents.

Moving on from that, the abortion issue isnt going anywhere fast, and Jim Murray on blogactiv has a good response to that.

Also on blogactiv Gary Fingan blogs about how the bookies are looking at the referendum.

Irish bookmakers are betting the Lisbon Treaty will win between 60% and 65% of the vote in October

He does point out that the bookies got it wrong last time and will be watching it closely this time. Its a good post and those interested in a bit of gambling on politics might get a few tips from it.

Finally the Green Party will decide how it will act in the upcoming Lisbon Referendum as well as discussing the review of the Program for Government. They need 2/3 of those attending to back the treaty for the party to take a line on it and with McKenna gone, the no side within the party has lost its leader. It will be an interesting meeting.

Thats all I have at the moment. If you see anything Lisbon related, do send it on to me by leaving a comment or emailing stephen[AT]stephenspillane[dot]com. Also you can send me links via twitter

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