Monday Links – 13/7/09

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So yes, im back blogging. I took a bit of a break last week fo a number of reasons, but im back today and I am returning Monday Links! So here are some things to have a look over your morning coffee!

Iain Dale has a list of the top 20 UK bloggers who tweet. Its based on their followers, some interesting things there.

Joe has some interesting statistics on Micheal Jackson. Notice actually how the jokes have stopped and the music channels are constantly playing his songs. Its very annoying.

Archbishop Cranmer has an interesting article on House of Lords reform and taking the vote from the Bishops.

Julien Frisch has a letter to the newly elected MEP’s. The Final Draft Agenda for this weeks sitting of the European Parliament is availible

The Local have the story that Obama told Merkel she will win the German Federal Elections. For a change I hope he is right!

Joe of Citizen Europe has a new website! He has also started another blog

Bulmer’s Apples have gone out on strike

Simon on IrishElection thinks Blasphemy is a surrogate argument, and he may have a point

Anyways, enjoy the week!

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