Poll:Are You A Climate Change Believer, Agnostic or Skeptic?

Yesterday I blogged about how I was a climate change Agnostic and I asked on my facebook status whether people were Climate Change Belivers, Agnostic or Skeptics and I got a few interesting responses so I decided to to widen the audience of question and ask people who read the blog so what are you?

Feel free to explain your vote in the comments!

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Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for SpirtualityIreland.org and UCC Express.

5 thoughts on “Poll:Are You A Climate Change Believer, Agnostic or Skeptic?”

  1. I’d probably have to put myself down as agnostic, cause while I believe its happening, and suspect that we are causing a lot of it, I’m not certain that I fall into the true believers camp with regards to their solutions.

    Or to be blunt about it, whether burning fossil fuels is bad or not, I really don’t think people are going to stop burning them.

    1. Yea, thats my sort of thinking also John. These changes that they want us to make, are they too little to late? Has nature already run its course with the changes we have made and all this is too late??

  2. I’d have to say I’m a believer since climate change is a natural process that has happened countless times in the past without human involvement. If human-inflicted global warming isn’t real (and I’m not saying its not), that doesn’t mean climate change doesn’t happen.

  3. I suppose what I mean is Climate Change our fault. I have yet to be convinced fully that it is *entirely* our fault.

  4. Skeptical of AGW but not “climate change”. It changes all the time. That big orange ball in the sky has variable output and undoubtedly affects the earth’s climate along with the core heat – we are sitting on a molten ball with a layer of congealed matter on the top. How many people understand we are living on a molten ball of lava with a crust on top where we live? Should we be surprised that it gets warmer or cooler depending on hundreds of factors? Trouble is, most people have a problem with such uncertainty so they grab the handiest bit of reassurance in the form of any old popular theory – like witch burnings a couple of hundred years ago or tossing virgins into volcanoes to deal with the unexplained … Goreites.

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