Referendum Commission to be set up Today: Lisbon 2 gets underway

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I got an email today from the lovely people at European Movement Ireland which a good bit of information on the run up to Lisbon 2 Referendum. The bill setting up the Referedendum is published today, meaning that the Referendum Commission can be set up.

Commission will aim to inform voters of the issue as well as encourage people to vote. The Commission will be made up of the following:

  • A former judge of the Supreme Court or High Court or a Judge of the High Court
  • The Ombudsman
  • The Comptroller and Auditor General
  • The Clerk of the Dáil
  • The Clerk of the Seanad

The time line will look like this:

  • Monday July 6th: Bill Published and Referendum Commission set up
  • Wednesday July 8th: Bill debated in Dáil
  • Thursday July 9th: Bill debated in Seanad

The referendum must take place with 90 days of the bill passing both houses of the Oireachtas so October 2nd is looking like the date.

I am informed by sources that an Taoiseach will be speaked in the Seanad on the Bill. The fact he is speaking in Seanad is a rarity and might be worth a listen.

According to the EMI there might be a second question when we enter the polling booth in October

Interestingly, as part of the referendum language we will be deciding in the polling booth come October, we may also be asked if we would like to put a positive statement about Europe into our Constitution. We at European Movement Ireland would be very much welcome this move

That would be an interesting development and could help steer the debate towards Europe and the positives of Europe rather then just focusing on the Treaty of Lisbon.

So we can expect campaigning to really get going over the summer months.

UPDATE: European Voice states that the Referendum Commission will be set up next Monday July 13th not today as suggested by me.

Gormley is expected to set up a referendum commission next Monday (13 July), which will provide impartial information on the Lisbon treaty

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4 thoughts on “Referendum Commission to be set up Today: Lisbon 2 gets underway”

  1. A Bedtime Story for Stephen – and for all Nice Children and not so Maastricht Adults

    The Happy Family
    Once upon a time there was a family treaty-ing themselves to a visit in Lisbon.
    On the sunny day that it was they decided to go out together.
    Everyone had to agree on what they would do.
    “So”, said Daddy Brusselsprout “Let’s all go for a picnic!”
    “No”, said Aunt Erin, “I don’t want to”.
    Did they then think of something else, that they might indeed agree on?
    Oh yes they did?
    Oh no they didn’t!
    Daddy Brusselsprout asked all the others anyway, isolating Erin, and then asked her if instead, she would like to go with them to the park and eat out of a lunch basket….

    Kids, we’ll finish this story tomorrow, and remember, in the EU yes means yes and no means yes as well!

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