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There was an article in last night’s Evening Echo (Not online) that basically suggested that it is a two horse race for the Irish Nomination to the new EU Commission in the Autumn. They are tipping Pat Cox or John Bruton to be the nominatee.

The rationale behind this is that they are both heavy hitters. Cox is a previous leader of the ALDE Group of the Parliament as well as being a former President of the European Parliament. Bruton is the current EU Ambassador to the US as well as being a former Taoiseach. If the Government nominate Cox or Bruton Ireland could nearly be assured of one of the big portfolios in the next commission.

In terms of outsiders to this, I can’t see the Government appointing a sitting TD as they really do not want to face into two by elections. Eoin Ryan features on the Paddy Power website as a possibility, as does Maire Geoghan Quinn.

I have a feeling though Cox will be the nominee especially as Fianna Fail is now in the ALDE and ALDE would like one of their own to be the Irish nominee not someone from the EPP family.

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4 thoughts on “The next Irish Commissioner”

  1. I would have to agree that John Bruton and Pat Cox are the front runners. Both bring a lot to that table in terms of experience. Both come across as well spoken, battling characters that would do a great job so I’d be happy for either to get the job. Having had the pleasure of meeting Pat Cox I must say he’s really pleasant man. Full of chat and very approachable. I take it he’s going to doing a fair bit of pushing for a YES vote in the Lisbon Treaty. Could that have any affect I wonder?

    1. Most Irish people would be happy to see either Cox or Bruton get the job. Cox is invloved with a new Group (Ireland for Europe?) campigning for a Yes Vote, so I can see the Government rewarding him with the Commission Job come October/November when the nominations will be dealt with. If the nominations are in September though, he may be slow to take it up. I’m not sure of the time scale, but I know Barroso will be elected in mid-September so nominations soon after that I would think.

      I havent met either of the men, both from those that have, they seem to have left a similar impression with them as Cox did with you. Heres hoping its one of them anyway!

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