Who Represents Me?

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Yesterday I was invited to become “a fan” of yet another Irish LGBT group. This time it was EQUALS, which is a direct action group.

Everyone seems to think that every LGBT person supports LGBT Noise, EQUALS, Marriage Equality etc, but we don’t.

Firstly lets look at LGBT Noise. They have the T in their for Transgendered yet I never heard them ever calling for a change in the law in relation to Transgendered issues. So they are a single issue group focused on Gay Marriage.

Secondly all these groups are trying to create awareness and create pressure. Pressure only works where their is some political will. In Ireland in the two major parties, there is no will for Gay Marriage. So in this Government and the next, and maybe the one after their will be no chance of Gay Marriage.

To be honest I don’t want Gay Marriage. And I am not alone. I updated my facebook status to the following

People please stop suggesting that I become a fan of EQUALS cause I wont…

A fairly reasonable request in my opinion. The comments showed plenty of people thought I was wrong to think that. An argument about Gay Marriage ensued and what it actually showed to me was how strong headed Gay Marriage Activists are. They will not tolerate dissent from within the “gay ranks”.

This is why the Gay Marriage cause will not succeed. If the cause itself is not willing be broad and accept criticism, and stop comparing this “struggle” with apartheid and religious discrimination they might actually get somewhere and get the backing of those withe the LGB community not so pushed about gay marriage. (Note I left out the T on purpose)

If the campaign cant convince those it has something in common with, how is it to convince those against it?

Chaining yourself to the Dáil, ripping up Bills may get you some attention, but will it change anything? No.

I think the LGB community need to adopt a strategy like the one adopted by GLEN. They think the bill in general is good, but needs improvement. That’s what I think. This bill glaringly leaves out anything to do with children. That needs to be sorted. Some will argue that Gay Marriage will sort that straight away, but its time to smell the bacon and get real, that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

So with all these LGBT Groups that are out their that claim to represent me, you don’t. I know I am not alone on this. Friends have agreed with me, both straight and gay that they think that Civil Partnerships is the way to go for now. So why don’t we concentrate on getting the Bill we having coming to the Oireachtas the best one we can, rather then trying to argue for something we won’t get.

So those who want Gay Marriage, please think of us who don’t. You could be loosing an ally. Try to engage rather then argue. Then you might get us onside.

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Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for SpirtualityIreland.org and UCC Express.

10 thoughts on “Who Represents Me?”

  1. Is it fair to say that you want this civil partnership bill and all the benefits it brings?

    Imagine the political will for full civil marriage for gay couples was there. Would you still oppose it’s introduction?

  2. I want this Bill Joe, yes, but it does need improvement as I said.

    Rhetoricals don’t come into this issue though. We have to deal with the here and now or else we are wasting time.

    1. Didnt see the speech and speakers on this thing are very tinny and can barely make it out. So it makes very litte sense. 🙁

      I never said the bill was dismissed at pride (but ripping it up surely does dismiss it) but was more about discussions (or arguements really) with others who actually don’t listen to those of us from the same “community” and instead fling insults such as saying we suffer from “interalised homophobia” or whatever.

  3. lol, that’s a great little insult to fire when there’s nothing better to say. But please attack a whole campaign for equality (for those who want that opportunity) based on the hostility of some. Imagine if people rejected FG based on the ignorance of random members.

    1. “But please attack a whole campaign for equality” now that made me laugh! But its that attitude is what I am attacking. And the fact that the “campaign” claims to represent me. Which it dosent and that the campaign needs to be more open to criticism which it currently isnt from my experience

  4. It represents the LGBT community, as does GLEN, MarriageEquality, NGLF, BelongTo, TENI etc. Each of them caters for elements of the community, often overlapping elements and often with different priorities. Yes, they are trying to represent you, whether you like it or not.

    This is also the case in politics in general though. A government speaks for the Irish people and represents the country in international affairs. TDs represent constituencies. Even if you disagree with what is being said on your behalf, they represent you and your community even if you didn’t vote!

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