A Prayer for the European Union

I was going through the Church of Ireland Book of Common Prayer and I came across a prayer for the European Union. Now it is some thing I have never come across before and I thought I would share it, considering it is Sunday.

O Lord our heavenly Father, we pray you to guide and direct the member states of the European Union. Draw us closer to one another, and help us to attain justice and freedom, and to use our resources for the good of people everywhere; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Interesting. It might become a daily prayer for me. But really the Church of Ireland thinks of everything!

The Prayer can be found on page 145 of the 2004 version of the Church of Ireland Book of Common Prayer

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Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for SpirtualityIreland.org and UCC Express.

3 thoughts on “A Prayer for the European Union”

  1. O Lord our heavenly Father, we are begging you for the Holy Spirit to come down to Jose Manuel Barroso, so he becomes more European and stops acting like a puppet whom strings are manipulated by our European governements. Please send us a new Messiah that could gather around Him all Europeans and explain why is the European Union a chance for us, like the Prophets (the Founding Fathers of the EU) Amen.

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