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As I mentioned in my Monday’s link post I have more to say on EU Jargon. I am going to try and give up using it and tla‘s (three letter acronyms) for the duration of the Lisbon Treaty Campaign on the blog.

Why? Cause it explains nothing! Only people in the know understand the terminology and the acronyms, which won’t work with the people who I am trying to convince who have no ideas what these things mean or what they stand for. Its time that us pro-Europeans got the message and spoke in ordinary language.

I was on a media training course on Friday and this is one of the major lessons I learned! Don’t go on about EU competences, talk about EU powers is what one participant suggested. When I thought about it made perfect sense. Keep the jargon and the tla’s is for the “self-help group” i.e the euroblogs listed in the blogroll! If you get stopped to explain something, you’ve lost!

My post over on on the Lisbon Treaty was an experiment in this. It was tough to write it as you do have this urge to write in jargon and acronyms but I think I managed it. I did get feedback on it which did make me realise it was a good thing to write like this during the campaign. I got this from a friend on facebook when I posted a link to the article:

Thanks Stephen-finally info on treaty actually written in plain English.

So its going to be a tough challenge as some on the No Side love to drag you into the detail, which to be honest will go over most peoples heads! Lets leave the jargon and clichés to the politicians so they can try and show off, and let us explain the treaty in ordinary language!

I wonder how I will do? Wish me luck!

Note: This not apply to my twitter account as I already tweet too much and if I have to spell out acronyms I’d be tweeting all day! Feel free to ask what they mean though!

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