Monday Links – August Bank Holiday

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As I didn’t do a Monday links last week as I was in Luxembourg, for punishment I am doing one today on the Bank Holiday here in Ireland!

Kosmopolit has a post explaining EU Jargon. I have a post on that coming soon, maybe even today!

Bryan has a post on Islamophobia and the far right.It was nice to read that after coming home from the intercultural training in Luxembourg.

Sticking with interculturalism, there is an interesting article in the Copenhagen Post on interculturalism/multiculturalism.

Carmel has an amazing post on the training in Luxembourg

900,000 Irish people now on facebook and a few more stats from Mulley Communications

Subrosa is trying a positive news day today! A good idea me thinks, not sure if I will have time for it

Mulley is organising an Irish Talk like a Pirate Day

Kev launches Back Page Football today

Majd explains how settlements are created

and Silly Season is in full swing according to Iain Dale

Enjoy the Bank Holiday if you are in Ireland! (or anywhere else with a bank holiday today!)

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