Should Ferris Go to Jail

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A friend, Dave Maloney has written an interesting note on Facebook, which I couldnt help posting about here.

Sinn Féin TD (and convicted gun runner) Martin Ferris aided the released killers (Pearse McCauley and Kevin Walsh) of Garda Jerry McCabe in evading the Gardaí. On RTE’S News at One, Conor Lally the Irish Times Crime Correspondent stated that the van in which Ferris was in, was used to block the road, preventing an unmarked Garda car from following McCauley and Walsh, who at this stage had transferred into an awaiting car.

Ferris is nothing short of a disgrace and an embarrassment to those who elected him, but to the institution that is the Dáil. An elected representative greeting murders and obstructing the Gardaí should at least spend some time in prison. It is further evidence, if needed, that Sinn Féin have not changed their ways and are not ready or even fit to enter government in the Republic.

I can’t help agree with him.

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  1. When they were realeased there was an outstanding warrant for them as they had escaped from a UK Prison before carrying out their criminal acts in Ireland. The Gardaí did have the right to arrest them

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