Canvass Diary: Day 1 of Lisbon II

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Today was my first day out on the canvass trail for the Lisbon II referendum. We were in Farran Woods this morning canvassing before a triathlon. There was a good crowd there and we received a very positive reaction.

Lots of people were willing to engage with us. One guy came up and quizzed me and why I thought we should vote yes and he complemented me on my knowledge of the Treaty. Little does he know, thats what I am eating sleep and drinking!

Of course there were a few people who were opposed to the treaty, and there was some friendly banter. There was one guy who was convinced that if the 3 major parties were agreeing then it couldnt be right! Another person was opposed to us being there as sport and politics shouldnt mix, but Lisbon actually gives the EU a supporting role in sport so to me it was a good place to be!

It was an excellent first canvass in my opinion and it did re-ignite my faith for a YES vote, which was down following Friday’s poll.

Coming home we met some COIR campaigners in Cork City and they were handing out literature, and we searched it for something true (I really don’t mind genuine reasons, but COIR’s aren’t genuine), and we couldn’t find any! When we challenged one of the campaigners on the Tax issue, he did not understand the veto and kept going on about voting strength. I think I need to send a dictionary to COIR.

I will be canvassing again later this week in Cork City as well as attending a few other events. Hopefully it will go as well as today!

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Author: Stephen

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2 thoughts on “Canvass Diary: Day 1 of Lisbon II”

  1. Is it possible to just run a Yes campaign saying that the no side really don’t have a clue and the majority of them are idiots? Seriously… I have yet to see a good reason to vote no, all the reasons are scare tactics from people who i’m sure haven’t an idea, and they will be the first to lay the blame on the next guy if we alienate ourselves from Europe!

    1. I wish we could Darran! But people would say it wasnt a fair tactic and we were playing the people and not the issue! Referendums are tough ones to canvass in! This is only my second!

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