Update: Cork Democratic Party

I have done searching about the Cork Democratic Party and Suzy of mamanpoulet.com suggested that I contact the Standards in Public Office to see if they are registered for the prupose of the campaign.

I got a reply from them today.

I wish to confirm that Cork Democratic Party is not registered for the purposes of the Lisbon Referendum Campaign.

That means of course they cannot accept donations above the value of €126.97 in an entire year.

a “third party” is defined as an individual or organisation, other than a registered political party or election candidate, who or which accepts, in a particular calendar year, a donation exceeding the value of €126.97.  A “donation” is defined as a contribution for “political purposes” andc includes money, property, goods or services or the free of below cost use of goods, property or services .  The definition of “political purposes” in the Act is quite broad and may capture the campaign in which the “Cork Democratic Party ” is currently engaged.

There is no way the signs they have up (they are 8×4’s) cost less then €126.97 so they would want to get registered for their own sake!

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Author: Stephen

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3 thoughts on “Update: Cork Democratic Party”

  1. They can spend their own money, though. It doesn’t have to come from donations as long as there’s no clear distinction between the people involved and the ‘party’. Any loose association of people can put their loose change together and buy a poster.

  2. Ibis, when you put money into a party from your own pocket as part of an election campaign, that means electoral law applies to you. If you give money from your pocket as a member, that is classed as a donation. See SIPO rules and what they said to me.

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