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I wasn’t actually going to blog about that Jan Moir article in the UK Daily Mail (they had more sense not to publish in the Irish version) but a statement released by Jan Moir claims that we are all over reacting and there is a ‘heavily orchestrated internet campaign‘ against her. (Link via @Glinner)

It is amazing that someone with views like that are allowed print them. It is crazy and it is offensive.

To be honest, I wasn’t too much bothered by Stephen Gately’s death. Yes, I did think it was sad and a tragedy for the family, his partner and his friends, but it didn’t really effect me personnally. This on the other hand has incensed me.

She dosen’t think she has done anything wrong and there in lies the problem. How can you write something that flies in the face of the facts and invent a story around what happened and then wonder why people are angry and claim it is ‘orchestrated’ and ‘mischevious’? That is just absurd! It’s mind boggling!

Its not very often you see mass outrage among friends online. My friends on twitter and facebook have been giving out about her, both gay and straight. Its impossible that this is orchestrated!

I hope the Press Complaints Commission come down heavily on the Daily Mail (if they can).

Anton Vowl has a brilliant fisking of the article and Charlie Brooker has an excellent article in Comment is Free on it.

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Author: Stephen

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9 thoughts on “Jan Moir”

  1. So you would rather the homophobes operate on a “dont ask, dont tell policy”? I personally believe equality(ish). I dream of a world were gays, straights, homophobes and objectophiles live together in harmony.

    1. I think people should think before they write Don, and look at the facts. She has a half-baked theory and it has offended alot of people.

      She represents the worst of tabloid journalism.

  2. She’s obviously a lune and I may disagree with her, but I’ll fight to the death for her right to say it.

    Do you remember when Fianna Fail used to control the media in the 30’s?

  3. lol that article is fabulous darling… Holy fuck! I just realised something!!! Freddie Mercury was gay and he died of AIDS!!! My god, if only he were straight, he’d still be alive today (because straight people live forever!)…. oh why why why Freddie, why did you have to choose to be all gay… Stephen please I beg you, keep away from the gayness… As Freddie might have sang… “Too much gayness will kill you in the end”

    Stephen Gately died unnaturally? Well fuck me (not literally of course, I don’t want to die young from the gayness) I always assumed every death was natural. If I cut my wrists and bleed out, is that death any more unnatural than dying from a burst blood vessel in the head. What about a stroke caused by a blood clot as opposed to a lump of cholesteral that broke free after building up from years of fatty burger ingestions… what if the clot broke free during a bout of E taking? Unnatural indeed…. I reckon Jan Moir likes it up her bottom, which is totally “natural”, because she’s not a man. Not that I really care where she sticks cans of lager of course…

  4. I dream of a world where Jan Moir and people like her are not in it. I’d like *her* to die unnaturally — how about a porcupine up the bottom? Nah, wouldn’t touch the sides. They kill foxes by electrocuting their anus so the coat stays intact, I like that idea for her!

  5. Jan Moir’s article, whilst homophobic in the extreme, was not uniquely hateful. This week, the Ugandan MP David Bahati recently launched an Anti-Homosexuality Bill – yes, it’s actually called that – even though homosexuality is already illegal in the state. The bill:

    1. Mandates the death penalty for HIV-positive people who engage in sex with people of the same gender;
    2. Calls for Uganda to withdraw from all international treaties and conventions which support the rights of lesbians, gays and bisexuals;
    3. Introduces extradition arrangements for Ugandan citizens who perform ‘homosexual acts’ abroad
    4. Includes legal penalties for people who fail to report alleged homosexual acts or individuals and institutions that promote homosexuality or same-sex marriage to the authorities.

    The tabling of the bill has been accompanied by threats against any Ugandan media organisation that allows LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) Ugandans to air their views or publish press statements.

    Full details can be seen here: http://bit.ly/9FFF4. The article also speculates about the motives for the bill, and is an excellent read. Please do have a look, when you have a moment.

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