Geoghegan-Quinn for Europe

So Cian of Irish Election let us know the news that Máire Geoghegan-Quinn has been nominated to be Ireland’s EU Commissioner in the next College.

I personnally think that is a great choice from the Government (its not often I say that!). Geoghegan-Quinn has a great track record at home and in Europe and will be sure to get a good portfolio. Maybe Budget, Administrative Affairs or Audit and Anti-Fraud.

This is good news also for the Gendered Balanced Commission Campaign. They want 1/3 of the commission to be women so that means 9 countries need to nominate women. So far five female candiates have been nominated from:

I hope four more countries step up to the plate! or maybe five!

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Author: Stephen

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6 thoughts on “Geoghegan-Quinn for Europe”

  1. I’m afraid I don’t share your enthusiasm on this one Stephen. Although I’m obviously biased, I still believe that Pat Cox was the more experienced, more capable and more deserving candidate for the role, and would have received a much better portfolio to boot. Furthermore, while a gender-balanced Commission is a noble goal, this appointment wasn’t made with such worthy considerations in mind, but instead a much less honourable one that has unfortunately persisted in her party since her time as Justice Minister; that when tasked with choosing either to do what’s best for the country, or to do what’s best for Fianna Fail, choose the latter.

  2. Owen, I agree that Pat Cox would be a good commissioner, but at the same time, Geoghegan-Quinn has gobe against the Fianna Fail Party in the past with the Decriminalsisation of Homsexuality which happened under her watch. She, like Pat, knows how the EU works being in the Court of Auditors and this appointment is a good one in my opinion.

  3. Decriminalization may have happened while she was Justice Minister, but the government was forced into it by the European Court of Human Rights, so she can hardly claim that it was of her own initiative. While the Court of Auditors is an important EU institution, it is an administrative one, and operates at quite a distance from the political affairs of the Council, Commission and Parliament. Her last role which involved her on a political level in the EU was as Minister of State for European Affairs, a job she left in 1991, almost two decades ago.

    Comparatively, Cox was President of the European Parliament until 2004, which involved him right at the center of EU politics. He’s remained closely involved in EU politics since, both as President of the European Movement as well as in the Lisbon campaign. He has also remained actively involved in the ELDR. This would have been important as he would likely have been the most senior ELDR nominee had he been nominated, and given that the ELDR aren’t in the running for the Council President or High Commissioner roles, and the Commission President is from the EPP, the ELDR could have easily pushed for him to get one of the top portfolios, and almost certainly a Vice-Presidency of the Commission.

  4. Considering that decriminalisation happend FIVE YEARS after the Norris case shows that it wasnt really that forced. I think from being on the Court of Auditors she does know how the EU works consider she sees every decision and how what effect it has had.

    Owen, its a Fianna Fail Government being run by a Taoiseach who is known for appointing supporters. Cox didnt have a chance to be honest.

  5. I suppose I’m probably being somewhat harsh on Geoghegan-Quinn. She’s certainly not under-qualified for the job, I just believe that Cox would have been the better choice.

    While it certainly would have been wishful thinking for Cowen to nominate a FG or Labour member to the post, I didn’t think it was that unrealistic to expect that he might nominate an independent who’s from the same EP grouping as FF, especially given Cox’s involvement in the Lisbon campaign. I suppose I underestimated his partisanship, though.

    1. But Cox isnt really independent like. He is former PD and very Liberal, unlike Cowen or anyone else in FF.

      FF shouldnt be in ELDR. They have no similar policies.

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