Getting rid of the Junior Cert?

Today’s Sunday Tribune has an article suggesting that the Junior Certificate exams could be “axed to save €30”. Is that really a good idea though?

While the Junior Cert isn’t really worth much on its own, it is a valuable testing ground for students and a practice for the Leaving Cert. I know the tests and that are shoter for the Junior Cert, but if we abolish it, students wouldnt have a clue what to expect going into the Leaving Cert.

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment has been sent off to a report, and it is due to report back before the end of the year. Will this report be implemented or will it be sidelined like all the others?

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Author: Stephen

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1 thought on “Getting rid of the Junior Cert?”

  1. This is unfair and cruel, to the students who have recently struggled through the junior cert ’11. Stephen makes a very good point that if we did not sit the Junior Cert it would have a bad effect on our Leaving Certs, after all, people can see from their junior results where they need to improve and also how to study and what to expect. I won’t be very happy if they get rid of it. not at all. A

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