Would you cross a picket?

As some of you are aware I am now (re)employed by Boots. Now union employees have voted for strike action and there could be possible pickets on stores. So I face a dilemma, to cross the picket or not. What would you do?

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Author: Stephen

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10 thoughts on “Would you cross a picket?”

  1. whats the ratio of union to non-union workers? if you do cross the picket are you going to be causing problems for yourself with your co-workers? i take it your not part of the union/are not in agreement with the unions aims?

  2. Joe and John, I am not a member of the Union and I disagree with the union. Only 28% of staff are uniion members in my area of Ireland. I work only part time so cant afford to missing days of work due to strike action. Its all confusing!

  3. If I was in the union, I would not cross the line. If I was not in the union, but intended to join in the future, I’d find the shop steward and see what they thought. I’d then cross the line. If I was not in the union and had no interest in it (which is the case with me in my job), I’d walk straight through it.
    You have to be realistic though, and try to balance not being paid/being fired, with possible hassle from the union/staff in the union. It’s a very tough choice.

    1. hmm, at the moment I am erring towards crossing the picket if there is one. But we shall see. I know of a few part-time staff striking, but they are on permament contracts (mines temporay for the moment). I will have to wait and see!

  4. Dude man, you need cash and they need workers. Bam cross the picket line. If Jesus was here, he’d cross the picket line. Do you see anywhere in the bible that supports industrial action?

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