A new Political Party in 2010?

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2009 saw the end of the Progressive Democrats as they were wound up in November of this year, but word as reached me of the beginnings of a new party. It’s not surprising that this is happening. While small parties come and go in this country one of the backers of this party, is one that will get it noticed.

Now I would like to stress this is from a very reliable source who has delivered in the past.

It is said that the driving force behind this party is Pat Cox.

2009 was a good year for Mr. Cox who was one of the main driving forces behind Ireland for Europe. Through this he set up local organisations of mainly non-political people. These are people who he is able to contact and who do share some of his political allegiences.

Pat Cox did not set up and invest his time, energy and money into Ireland for Europe from the good of his heart, I am not saying that the ultimate motive behind Ireland for Europe was the setting up of a new party, but it could easily come from it.

It will be interesting to see if this comes about as the parties who have started lately have been small and not inspiring.

While a party can’t be built around one man, the support of someone like Pat Cox can mean the difference between success and failure of a new party. I wonder will it happen? Does anyone know any more?

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Author: Stephen

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6 thoughts on “A new Political Party in 2010?”

  1. Ireland for Europe was quite a mixed bag – a lot of apolitical people but also a lot of political people – in a lot of places it was FF members who didn’t want to be seen canvassing on behalf of FF – I am also aware of there being green, labour and FG people in Ireland for Europe

  2. Yes, but it has gotten Pat back in the media and with an extended lot of contacts that he may be able to work on! Who knows some from FF may defect. I know in Cork we had all parties and non involved.

  3. we have had enough of fringe parties, all de do is pout FF back into power like gREENS do now,and de await the chop at next election, just likke PDs

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