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So Enda seems to be trying to catch up with the rest of the digital world and has started to send a weekly message to supporters on a Friday. I think this is a good idea, and the message seems to include lots of information. I look forward to getting it weekly.

Don’t worry, I won’t post it every week. Only if its interesting!

Dear Member

Many of you have said to me in the past that you would like to receive a regular update on some of the things that our Party is dealing with and other matters of interest to all our supporters.  For that reason every Friday from now on I am going to send you a short message dealing with some of these issues. I’ll keep it short and to the point as I know you can get bombarded by mail of all sorts.

There was a subdued air around Leinster House this week as much attention was focussed on events in Belfast. Unfortunately those talks didn’t come to a successful conclusion which created an element of doubt around the stability of the Northern Assembly.  Neither side wants to see Assembly Elections ahead of the UK elections in May so all we can do is continue to support both Governments in their efforts to find a working compromise and hope that all involved can sign up to that deal.

At Leaders’ Questions this week, I raised with the Government different aspects of the current banking crisis.

You know and I know that banks are just not lending to people who need lines of credit and I have real fears that NAMA will not do anything to fix that. I believe we’re going to end up having to pour additional billions – maybe as much as another €5-€10 billion – into our banks in recapitalisation monies because the toxic loans being taken on by you and me are worth even less than was expected.

Also, we know now that we’re not going to get the type of public and transparent bank inquiry that Fine Gael wanted because Fianna Fail are clearly afraid of what it might expose.

And on top of all that, on Thursday we heard that Permanent TSB is going to hike up interest rates for 75,000 people. When I pushed Brian Lenihan in the Dáil on the issue he refused to say if other banks covered by the bank guarantee and transferring assets to NAMA will not to increase their interest rates outside of interest rate levels driven by the European Central Bank.

He said “Nothing to do with me.”  So it appears as if the government intend to bail the banks out again and again at the expense of you the taxpayer.

This week I appointed Deputy Lucinda Creighton to be a member of our Policy Committee.  I also appointed Senator Ciaran Cannon to be Spokesman on the area of Children and Youth Affairs in the Senate.  In addition I appointed him to the Oireachtas on Justice.  I also appointed Senator Eugene Regan to be an additional member of the European Scrutiny Committee.

This week I also met the Plenary Council of IBEC, the First Step Organisation dealing with assistance for small business and have also met with the new President of the IFA Mr John Bryan to discuss with him his priorities for his presidency.

Today I met with Dell workers in Limerick together with Deputy Michael Noonan and Deputy Kieran O’Donnell and formally opened the office of Sean Kelly MEP in Limerick, honouring a commitment that I gave during the European election campaign.

I will keep you updated every Friday and look forward to your feedback.

Kind regards

Yours sincerely

Enda Kenny T.D
Leader of Fine Gael

What do you make it?

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  1. Enda is doing his best despite the media witchhunt against him by Sindo and other Sir AJ Reilly hacks. FF have ruined this country through Bertie, McCreevy and Cowen and yet people have an affection for them. Remember the famous tearful Bryan Dobson interview about Paddy De Plasterer . Pat Rabbitt had a go at Bertie after that and what happened: Pat’s ratings went down 5% and Bertie’s went up 5%, says it all does it not

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