The Elephant in the Room

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There is a very large elephant in the room in Irish politics. It is a very important issue and it cause fierce tensions and divides, but not only in Ireland.

I blogged a few years back that Ireland needs an Abortion Act and recent events are making that point more necessary!

The recent poll in the Irish Examiner showing that “60% of young people want abortion legalised here” shows that young people do care about this issue.

Todays report by Human Right’s Watch, A State of Isolation, which calls on the Government to decriminalise “all abortion for women living in Ireland” (Full list of recommendations)

Abortion is a polarising issue in Ireland. At the moment it is unresolved. Ireland has two choices. We can amend the Offences against the Person Act, 1861 to take account of the constitutional rights. Or we have a new referendum on Abortion and try and introduce the freedom to have an Abortion.

(The right to an abortion is something I am not sure of, so I refrain from using that terminology)

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Author: Stephen

Cork born and bred, proud European and Irishman. Involved in many organisations and politics. Also writes for and UCC Express.

3 thoughts on “The Elephant in the Room”

  1. Interesting subject Stephen. I would be of the same mind about calling abortion a ‘right’.

    My personal opinion is that abortion is another modern convenience. It’s no more of a right than a having a dishwasher is a right.

    It should be used sparingly and within a short period of time. Careless people should not be given an opt-out just because it may interfere with their careers or social lives.

    Abortion should be made available to people who’s lives would be greatly and negatively affected. Such as teenagers, parents who’s child will be born with considerable disability or for medical reasons.

    I’m not religious at all but I believe an unborn child should have some rights.

    Abortion is a privilege, not a right. Just my opinion. I’ll never have to give birth so its perhaps its easier to say this from my perspective.

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