The Russians are taking it seriously, should we?

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Bryan highlighted this story on the BBC News website to me. The Russians seem to be taking the issue that the asteroid “Apophis” could hit the Earth.

The asteroid is 2.7 × 1010 kg in mass and is 450 metres in length. It is set to pass near Earth and hence a possible collision around 2036 or 2037. NASA has said there is a one-in-250,000 chance of it hitting in 2036 and a 1 in 12.3 million chance of it hitting in 2037.

The Russians are taking this seriously as “People’s lives are at stake,” according to Anatoly Perminov the head of Roscosmos. So they are going to try and divert it. They won’t say how.

They could use solar sails, rockets, bombs (think armageddon) among other ways.

Are they right to be worried? Do we only have 26 years left? Could we be thanking the Russians in a few years for saving our lives? Or are they just wasting money? Only time will tell!

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Author: Stephen

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5 thoughts on “The Russians are taking it seriously, should we?”

  1. If the asteroid is on a path to hit us, I’d rather have the Russians in charge of stopping it than anyone else. They won the space race, built the first orbital station and have a big pile of nuclear warheads that could be put to good use in this endeavour! If they stopped Hitler, they can stop a big rock!

  2. Yeah sure it only took the death of 24 millon Russians to stop Hitler, along with the help of Britain and the US with the rest of the Allies. They then went on to setup a draconian empire even the Nazi’s couldn’t have imagined.

    Russia’s Nuclear missile stockpile is unknown as the ones they often displayed during the coldwar were proven to be cardboard cutouts, and the ones that we know are real have a habit of turning into firework displays over small towns in Norway.

    If anything is spotted heading our way, I think the best we remember the coldwar tune “Protect & Survive” from The Dubliners:

    “So when you hear the siren’s going
    Place your head between your thighs
    Whilst maintaining this posture
    You can make a final gesture
    And with a little muscular pressure
    You can kiss your arse goodbye”.

  3. Well to offer a dissenting opinion on the outcome of the war in Europe, it’s important to remember that the vast majority of the USSR’s casualties in the war were civilians murdered in the occupied territories. As for the issue of “who won the war” there is sufficient evidence (Roberts; Fuller; Gumiloy) to argue that the Soviet Union could have and did defeat Nazi Germany single handedly. Historians point to the fact that the Wehrmacht suffered well over 80% of its causalities on the Eastern Front (More Germans were killed in Stalingrad alone then by the Western Allies in the entire war) and the the fact that by itself the USSR outstripped Germany in both manpower and industrial output. After 1941 American and British involvement helped shorten the war against Hitler, but that involvement did not determine its outcome.
    True Russia’s current nuclear stockpile is unknown, but 49 years ago the country detonated the most powerful weapon ever created, the 100 megaton AN-602. Therefore saying that the Soviet stockpile of the Cold War consisted of cardboard and fireworks is simply inaccurate.

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