The Irish Finalists [Eurovision 2010]

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The Finalists for ‘The Late Late Show Eurosong Special’ which will select Ireland’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. There were a few surprises in the finalists. Anyway on to the list:

* Baby, Nothing’s Wrong – Performed by Michael Graham
Music & Lyrics by Michael Graham, Scott Newman & Yann O’Brien

* Does Heaven Need Much More? – Performed by Leanne Moore
Written by Tommy Moran & John Waters

* Fashion Queen – Performed by Monika Ivkic
Written by Marc Paelinck & Mathias Strasser

* It’s For You – Performed by Niamh Kavanagh
Music: Niall Mooney, Marten Eriksson & Jonas Gladnikoff
Lyrics: Lina Eriksson

* River of Silence – Performed by Lee Bradshaw
Music: R. Siegel Lyrics: J. O’Flynn / José Santana

The five finalists will battle it out on 5th of March. The results will be decided by 50% regional juries and 50% televote, much like the Eurovision itself.

Seeing Niamh Kavanagh’s name on the list was a nice surprise. She represented Ireland in the 1993 contest in Milstreet and won with “In Your Eyes”. Michael Graham, or Mickey, as he is more often known, is the one from Boyzone. I look forward to that performance!

Unfortunately I won’t be in the country when this is on, so there will be no commentary from me. Hopefully the songs will be online before the show, then I will pass comment!

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6 thoughts on “The Irish Finalists [Eurovision 2010]”

  1. I am in doubt that the winner of Eurovision in 1993 will take a high place on this year’s contest. She has left the singer career and concentrated on her television job. Besides her eurovision’s song is still her best achievement in music. All the songs she sang after 1993 never were so popular as the eurovision’s one.

  2. She had a TV career??? I know I don’t watch Television, apart from Eurovision, but I haven’t seen her on TV at all!!! We see how the voters go. When she won Eurovision she was unheard of so she might do well. But I think Mikey from Boyzone has a better chance!

  3. Niamh Kavanagh worked on TV as a presenter. I don’t know exactly if she is on TV yet because I don’t watch TV as well. But I’m sure she worked their!
    I agree to you that Mikey Graham has much more chances to win the national final and go in Oslo!

  4. Same old talentless farts hogging the limelight up in Montrose and pushing out the real talent from behind closed doors. Will Ireland ever wake up to the fact that RTE and its in-house song-scribbling cronies have been pushing their own selfious agenda for decades now when it comes to who gets into Eurosong, and who doesn’t. What an obvious fix it all is.

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