Who has picked so far? [Eurovision 2010]

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As I am in a sort of Eurovision mood I felt like looking at the countries who have so far selected there entries for the Eurovision. Seven countries have picked their representative. Ireland will pick its entry on March 5th.

While Bosnia Herzegovina have announced that Vukasin Brajic will represent the country in Oslo with the song ‘Munja i grom’ (Thunder and Lightning), the song will not be performed before March 7th. So we will have to wait a bit longer for it.

Finland has picked its entry and it has chosen Kuunkuiskaajat to represent them with the song “Työlki ellää”. Its very different from there song last year! Its more folk, then modern. It could do well, depending on what everyone else picks.

Albania has also picked its entry. They are going with Nuk Mundem Pa Ty by Juliana Pasha. It is a pop song and very like a lot of modern music. It has a catchy rhythm.

Iceland has also decided its entry. It is going with “Je ne sais quoi” by Hera Björk. This song brings me back a few years and reminds me of Eurovisions gone by. Quick tempo and up beat. I could dance to this quite easily.

Denmark, a country who’s entry I always like, has gone for Chanée and N’evergreen who will sing “In a Moment Like This”. Yet again Denmark doesn’t disappoint me. This is a beautiful duet by two fantastic singers. I really like it!

Switzerland have picked Michael von der Heide to sing “Il Pleut De L’Or” in Oslo. It is a pop song. Its not a song that grabs me and reminds me more of elevator music.

The host country, Norway, has also decided upon its entry. Norway went for “My Heart Is Yours” by Didrik Solli-Tangen. This is a lovely ballad. I thought the days of beautifully sing male ballads were gone with Johnny Logan but Norway is bucking the trend! Fair play!

A number of countries have picked the singer or song, but haven’t them up yet. They include Turkey (maNga), Georgia (Sopho Nizharadze), Bulgaria (Miro), Ukraine (Vasyl Lazarovich) and The Netherlands (“Ik ben verliefd, Shalalie”).

The running order draw takes place on March 22nd, so all entries will be known before that.

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7 thoughts on “Who has picked so far? [Eurovision 2010]”

  1. I seem to be listening to the Norwegian entry for a second time… hmmmm… I guess it’s not bad, but I keep expecting to see the Olympic flag rise in the background at the key change; it has one of those sporting-motif vibes about it.

  2. Listened to Iceland, Finland, Albania, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway.
    The onle that really stands out is Denmark. It has all the hallmarks of a winner. I think it sounds very like ‘The Reason’ by Hoobastank – a big hit in the US. I also like Finland. I think they have been influenced by the success of their neighbour Estonia last year, using their own language. It’s catchy, original and could do quite well. I think the others (aprt from Norway) are poor enough. Norway could do ok, maybe top 10.

  3. norway is by far the greatest song in eurovision 2010 -no doubt it will win. a close runner up may be me and my guitar from belgium. im surprised for smebody who is so into eurovision you have not updated recently.your data is so dated.keep the interest in the contest running.

    1. well Mr. Hotfun, I havent had a lot of time lately to update this blog in general let alone with eurovision stuff. Life keeps getting in the way. When the CD comes out, expect more posts!

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