Head Shops – Should they be banned?

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I recently got a mailshot from the local Sinn Fein Councillor, Fiona Kerins, and as part of it, it should her and her comrades picketing outside a shop as it carried out its LEGAL trade.

Some people may not like head shops, what they stand for, or what they sell. But, they are breaking no law.

Why should people picket a shop that is not breaking the law?

Yes I do think mephedrone and its synthetics should be banned, but picketing and threatening shops, as some “dissidents” are doing, is not the answer.

Maybe we should follow the lead of the UK and ban the substances as soon as possible? Thereby leaving the Head Shops alone to carry out their legal business?

A recent letter in the Irish Independent makes me think that a total ban on Head Shops is not the way to

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Author: Stephen

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4 thoughts on “Head Shops – Should they be banned?”

  1. I’m not a fan of head shops. They’re little better than their illegal drug dealing cousins. Selling drugs that have not YET been made illegal.

    On the other hand, they have not broken any laws. And I find it a little coincidental that bombs have been left outside these shops and fires have been set while Sinn Fien is outside protesting.

    Of course that implied accusation isn’t exactly shocking to any Irishman. In fact it stinks of the obvious.

    The government must speed through the legislation to make the drugs being sold illegal. Perhaps even introduce legislation where all drugs are automatically illegal until they are approved as safe. My 2 cents.

  2. My main issue with the head shops is not their merchandise, but rather their clientèle. Every time I walk past one there is a large-ish horde of scangers hanging around outside. The government can do what they want with the head shops; I don’t care, but we badly need legislation which will allow the Gardai to savagely beat loitering scangers with big sticks 🙂

  3. “And I find it a little coincidental that bombs have been left outside these shops and fires have been set while Sinn Fien is outside protesting.”

    While Sf is outside protesting?where did you make that up?Fair play to Sf, at least they will get off their ass and do something before these drugs spread even more.
    The last I heard peaceful protest was still legitimate in Ireland aswell.

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