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Firstly I apologise for the lack of posting recently, I have been under pressure with College and work and other commitments.

Anyway, today I was asked in an email about my stance on the attempt by Green Party Leader and Minister for the Environment  to ban hunting in Ireland. Specifically the Meath Stag Hunt.

Personally I am against Stag hunting. These are wonderful creatures. They are so beautiful and serene, we should be preserving them for future and for our  visitors to see.

On the other hand fox hunting is something I am not sure about. Some people think they are pests, other think they are part of the eco-system and need to be protected.

This video has me in two minds about  hunting them!

Though the action of some hunts can make them hard to defend.

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Author: Stephen

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One thought on “Hunting”

  1. The Ward Union Hunt (the stag hunt in Meath) is the only stag hunt in Ireland, so that’s why it’s specifically up for banning.

    The issue with fox hunting is less about whether they’re a pest or not (they can be), but more about the purpose of and kind of hunting involved.

    For example, if foxes are causing trouble, and need to be hunted from an area, then that can be done with a shotgun, or some traps.

    Fox hunting has nothing to do with pest control, since they specifically release a fox to hunt. The main issues with fox hunting are that it’s cruel to the fox (in that dogs don’t tend to be particularly restrained when they catch it), causes hassle for farmers whose lands are trampled on (as with stag hunting), and is dangerous in terms of public safety (but nowhere near as dangerous as stag hunting in that respect).

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