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ireland-northsouth-challenge_europe-imageI received information today about a programme being run by the British Council. It is called “Challenge Europe 2010“.

Challenge Europe aspires to make a definite and lasting impact on the climate change debate and is ambitious in its aim to accelerate change to a low carbon future. The philosophy of the campaign is simple: to create momentum through collaboration, innovations, energy, drive passion, understanding and knowledge-sharing

They are looking for 15 young people from both sides of the border between the ages of 18-35 to work on this project. They are working with Arena Network of Business in the Community Northern Ireland, Comhar – the Sustainable Development Council for Ireland, Cultivate Living and Learning Centre in Dublin and the Northern Ireland Sustainable Development Commission on this project.

So whats the plan for the project?

In Northern Ireland and Ireland, we will select 15 young people from all walks of life to become ‘Climate Advocates’. In exchange for the chance to participate in the project, Climate Advocates are asked to commit approximately 12 hours of time each month over the next year. The costs of all project activities will be covered by the British Council and their corporate partners.

 During 2010-2011, each NI/Ireland team will work collaboratively to identify the key areas where they think they can make a real difference and to develop 3 concrete ideas to reduce carbon use through changes in policy, business or human behaviour. A few possible themes suggested by our local partner organisations include biodiversity, sustainable consumption (homes, transport, food), local resilience and promoting business engagement on climate change with employees and customers.

For more information or to apply check out the British Council Website. This project is also taking place in France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Turkey. All costs in relation to the project will be borne by the British Council and its partners. Applications must be in by the Friday 30th of April!

Good luck if you apply!

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