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  1. Well, I front-paged it on Bloggingportal, so maybe that’ll get some ideas going.

    I like Mathew’s idea of trying to take a snapshot of the European blogosphere, to see what different groups are talking about on Europe Day. We could each pick a language – then go out with Google Translate and do some research and then write a paragraph each in a joint post on Bloggingportal.
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  2. That is one idea Joe, I am not sure how that would increase participation though. That is basically what we are supposed to be doing anyway on bloggingportal! That why I liked the idea of having a theme, it may encourage people who don’t normally blog about Europe to blog about it.

    I mentioned that idea to a few friends who run non-eu blogs and they were up for it.

    What you think?

  3. That would be easy, we create a post on the bloggingportal blog to link all the posts, we ask those writing the posts to link to that post so that they can be found. We promote the idea on our own blogs. And we write to non-eu bloggers.

    The theme that I am liking at the moment is “My Europe”. What do you think?

    Oh and we would run it from the 3rd-9th of May. 🙂

  4. I like your idea about Bloggingportal linking to the different posts.

    “My Europe” week. One post from each of us – entitled “My Europe: …..” about what we would like to see as the future of Europe (e.g. “My Europe: More Democracy, Less Bureaucracy”)

    Now we have less than a month to pull this off. It would be great to get some non-EU bloggers involved.
    .-= Joe Litobarski´s last blog ..Julien Frisch’s Café Babel Interview =-.

  5. I will work on a post/email that can be put on the bloggingportal blog and linked to from our own blogs and sent to non-euro bloggers.

    Sound like a plan?

  6. As a blog-follower I like the idea of a “My Europe” post. Will look forward to reading some (hopefully) non-EU blogger posts – on bloggingportal, of course. Go to it guys!

  7. There’s also some discussion going on about this on the Bloggingportal Editors mailing list.

    I think we’ve (more or less) decided to have a “My Europe” week, where bloggers write about what they would like Europe to look like in the future.

    As you say, Derek – now we need to get some non-EU bloggers involved…

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