Re-Opening Lisbon

After reading this headline

MEPs set course to re-open Lisbon treaty

Queue lots of shouts of “nooooooooooooo” from me. It is a headline from the European Voice, about MEP’s on the constitutional affairs committee voting for an IGC on the Lisbon Treaty.

This is all about the extra 18 MEP’s that are to be elected under Lisbon Treaty Rules, but weren’t as the election was under Nice Treaty Rules. You get that?

So to add these MEPs we need to revise the treaties. This can be done two ways. Either a new Treaty, which will do more than just deal with the parliament, cause I know someone will want to change something else, or it can appended to the Croatian Accession Treaty.

If it is a seperate treaty it will probably mean yet another referendum here in Ireland and if its part of the accession treaty, it may not, but it will be for the courts to decide I think.

I wonder what will happen? Watch this space

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