Eurovision Song Contest 2010: The Final

Ireland-Eurovision-LogoSo I have blogged the running order and some general thoughts on the final over on ESC so I will just be adding colour here.

The last time Ireland got to the Final from the Semi Final was back in 2006 when Brian Kennedy represented Ireland with “Every Song is A Cry for Love”. That finished 9th in the Semi and 10th in the final ensuring that Dervish started in the Final in 2007 (for all the luck it gave us, we ended up last with 5 points)

I think Niamh Kavanagh will do us proud this year, in fact she already has, and will hopefully do better then tenth. The way it has worked out in the draw though its going to be very hard to predict.

Niamh gave an excellent performance last night. I had goosebumps and even tears in my eyes during it. During the voting I was as nervous as hell. I cant remember being like that back in 2006.

So tomorrow night will be an exciting show. In the past I have said certain countries will win (Germany and Denmark) but to be quite honest I do not know now.

I can honestly say I haven’t been this excited during a Eurovison Song Contest since 1997! When I do remember the voting! So best of luck to Niamh!

PS: also join this page on facebook: Niamh Kavanagh to win Eurovision

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    1. Brian,

      Your post makes no sense. First you advocate a return to the national language rule, something that wont happen looking at the recent winners. and then you want Esperanto included? That kind of contradicts your first point.

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