UK Election Predictions

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So tomorrow will see the polls opening for the UK General Election. I have been following the campaigns in my spare time but not really blogging about it. Mainly as I didn’t know where I stood. I do now.

I am hoping for a Liberal Democrat surge tomorrow.

But enough of who I want to do well, on to some predictions. Some of these are random, others are obvious. I will be up late into the night on Thursday watching the results on the telly and if anything interesting happens, it will be blogged about!

So, on to the predictons!

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The Conservatives will win the most votes, followed by the Liberal Democrats. Labour will come third.


Conservaties will have about 270, Labour, 260, Liberal Democrats 90.

Other Parties

Greens will win their first seat. My money is on Brighton Pavillion.

BNP will not win a seat.

UKIP will win two seats. Buckingham and one other

SNP will increase their seats by 2

PC will also increase their seats by 2

Northern Ireland is too close to call for me.

They are my predictions. A hung parliament is in the offing. Have you got any predictions?

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5 thoughts on “UK Election Predictions”

  1. I hope it will be a hung parliament because for too long the British people have been saddled with a two-party show in which the Oxbridge careerists have rearranged the deckchairs. A PR system pressed into legislation by LibDem participation in coalition will ensure that in future elections there will be less wasted votes and less safe seats.
    You predict more Tory than Labour seats, but the vagaries of disproportionate party supporters among constituencies can result in more seats for a party that gets less votes than its rival nationally. I hope that politicians will interpret the hung parliament also as a strong expression of British voter disgust with the bogus expenses revelations.

  2. I now believe Lib Dem is the best option for Britain. They offer hope and I find them more trustworthy then New Labour or the Tories. I think they will win slightly over 100 seats..around 100-110 is my feeling. I think UKIP may actually win a few more then you predict, dont forget how Eurosceptic Britain actually is.
    NI wont see any major changes overall.
    .-= Tadhg O’Donovan´s last blog ..European Crisis Deepens, Greeks to Blame? =-.

  3. @Will, I had to come out with more seats for one of them! But with 10 between them in my prediction its going to be very close!!

    I agree with you on Lib Dems and PR

    @Tadhg, I think the Lib Dems will do really well. As for reaching the hundred mark, it would be great, but I think they will come close, but wont quite make it.

  4. We are now several days later and know that the Tories won 305 seats, Labour 258 and the LibDems only 57 (-5).

    So here was your prediction:
    “Conservaties will have about 270, Labour, 260, Liberal Democrats 90.”

    I hope you didn’t lay a big bet with Paddy Powers!

    Do you think the LibDems will successfully press for a change in the British electoral system?

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