European Parliament Consents to the Enhanced Co-Operation Procedure

Yesterday I blogged about the attempt by 12 member states the use the Enhanced Co-Operation Procedure in the area of divorce. This morning the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs committee voted to accept a report by MEP Tadeusz Zwiefka (EPP/PL) to allow the procedure to be used by the 12 countries.

The draft recommendation can be read here (PDF)

The Parliament has requested that the ordinary legislative procedure be used when it comes to the final regulation. We will see what the Council decides.

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2 thoughts on “European Parliament Consents to the Enhanced Co-Operation Procedure”

  1. Hi Stephen,
    I am currently serving a four to five year sentance for getting married to the wrong person.
    During my two year marriage my wife and I did not get on. Within this time we broke up about 6 times. We attepmped to get counselling but it was too late on both sides. We now are serving our sentance and paying for the right to request to break up (divorce) even though we have broken up. Both of us have new partners but play the game of hiding even though we are told that after 15 months apart we are entitled to date new people.
    If Human rights are your pride can you tell me how I can take my case to someone with authority and tell them that I have paid for my mistake financially and emotionally, we have no children together so no one can get hurt and we want to live on before I am 50 and this turns into a life sentance where I loose sanity bound to my mistake. (Not serious threat but havent reached five years yet)… I have read cases that people get 5 years for manslaughter, three years for attempted rape and robbery and we have harmed no one but ourselves.
    Can you pooint me in the direction of someone who might care about mine and other peoples right to live after failing in marriage?
    Ivor C

    1. Hey Ivor,

      I am in not in a position to respond to queries such as this. On this blog I merely follow EU Politics. while I am a law student, I am in no position to advise you in your current predicament.

      All the best

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