Is Enda’s Time Up?

Back in February I wrote this

Enda Kenny has been the leader of Fine Gael since 2002. In that time he has revitalised the party but he has failed to capitalise on the failures of Fianna Fail. Today’s resignation of George Lee is the final nail in the coffin for my support for Enda Kenny.


Its time for Enda to put up or move on. He can bring us so close, but he can not take us over the line. Its simple, there is not going to be a Fine Gael government under the leadership of Enda Kenny. I have come to that realisation now.

I call on Enda to resign the leadership for the good of the party.

With news circulating about Richard Bruton’s possible challenge at the Fine Gael Parliamentary Party tomorrow it is as relevant as ever.

I still think the same as I did in February. Enda needs to step aside for new leadership. A leadership who dosen’t launch the same policy four times. One that connects with the people. Because Enda dosen’t. This is a media age, and Enda is suitable for it. (Then again I don’t think Cowen is either!)

Enda has done too little to late on the last one. Yes his weekly message is quite interesting (I’m tempted to start a subsite on that but we shall see of he survives first), but he could do s much better. One only needs to look to the UK to see how its done. Events like Cameron Direct and WebCameron can be easily copied and will make any leader more accessible and more understood by the electorate. That is what will win someone an election. The weekly message is only going to party activists so it is wasted.

Yes I know as a party we were spooked by last Thursday’s opinion poll. But the canvass I did today was no different to canvass’s before Thursdays poll. The issues that came up? Local ones and leadership of Fine Gael.

I am fed up to the back teeth of defending him so I have stopped. I now just say, thats up to the Parliamentary Party. Lets see what they think tomorrow.

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Author: Stephen

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3 thoughts on “Is Enda’s Time Up?”

  1. I had the misfortune to listen to todays speeches in the Dail by Kenny and Cowen.

    Cowens speech was ridiculously self serving and lacking anything convincing. However, Enda was….well…BORING! He is incredibly difficult to concentrate on. It feels like the speeches my old school principal would make, which isn’t surprising considering his background.

    On the other hand, watching Bruton last night, I was equally unimpressed. Too much dithering on easy questions. Very unsure what way this might swing….

    That being said, if politics was purely about who is the best speaker then Labour would be in government.

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