A Vote For Labour is a Vote for FF

The Sunday Independent’s story that senior Labour figures are hinting at working with Fianna Fail after the next election. It cements the idea that many people already have of Labour.

I agree fully with Scandelcentral of course who say:

However Labour is very suited to Fianna Fail. They stand for nothing. Together we would form a fine coalition. It would only plunges us into economic desolation. We wouldn’t see economic growth for decades, if we are lucky, as Labour halts Fianna Fail cutbacks while forcing them to increase spending widening our continued deficits. Apocalypse is the only word which rightly comes to mind

Of course this reminds me of the goings on after the UK elections on whether to do a deal with Labour if Gordon Brown was still there. Labour here will only work with FF without Cowen.

Labour won’t gain many transfers or 1st preferences from this ploy! It just proves that they will work with anyone to get into power. It smells of desperation to me!

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Author: Stephen

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2 thoughts on “A Vote For Labour is a Vote for FF”

  1. I’m a bit confused by your article. Labour stand for nothing, and are the same as FF, but they would try and stop cuts and be bad for the economy and deficit. So… does that mean that FG basically agree with the spending/deficit lines of t…he current government? Then it seems to me that Labour are stuck with a choice between a right-wing party which wants to cut spending to help the deficit, and, er, a right-wing party that wants to cut the deficit. Though apparently considering forming a coalition with the other right wing party exposes desparation and a lack of principle (rather than say, a continuation of the “not nailing your colours to a coalition mast” policy after the failure of the last FG-Labour pre-election coalition?).

    Plus, will FG not give way on at least some aspects of government spending to Labour? It would be hard to make a coalition pact if they won’t. Unless you’re holding out for a majority government?

    1. Its not they would stop cuts. It would be like labour in the UK. They would be afraid to cut where its needed. sort of like FF. I wouldnt really consider FF right-wing. They be centre.

      FG is aiming for majority government. And i think FF will just aim for survival.

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