5 Candidates for Cork South Central FG Convention

Cork South Central (Dáil Éireann constituency)
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I received a letter today from Cllr. Laura McGonigle announcing her candidacy for the Fine Gael Dáil Convention. This brings to five the number of declared candidates. Fine Gael is planning to run 3 candidates in the next General Election.

The other declared candidates are sitting TD’s Simon Coveney and Deirdre Clune, local Senator Jerry Buttimer and two Councillors from the South East Ward, Des Cahill and Laura McGonigle.

In the last General Election Fine Gael got 28.42% of the first preference vote. According to PoliticalReform.ie Fine Gael will get between 26.9% in the Ipsos MRBI poll to 34.3% in the Red C poll in Cork South Central. Fine Gael could take three seats depending on transfers, if the support is closer to the Red C poll.

The question is what 3 will be standing. The sitting TD’s obviously have a really good chance of being re-selected. The question will be who will be the third. Jerry Buttimer has a very good chance of being the representative as neither Clune or Coveney are based in the West of the constituency while Cahill and McGonigle are based in the East, as are Clune and Coveney. Jerry also has the advantage of having being tested in the last General Election. In that time he got 8.77% of the vote and lasted till the 4th count.

Des Cahill faced his first election in the local elections and topped the poll in Cork South East ward with 15.48% of the vote. Laura McGonigle who was also elected on the first count in the first count in 2009 in the same ward with 14.58%  of the vote. Laura was also facing her first election to the council having been co-opted to replace Deirdre Clune after the Dual mandate was abolished.

I think the line up for Cork South Central will be as follows:

  • Deirdre Clune
  • Simon Coveney
  • Jerry Buttimer

While I think it would great for Laura McGonigle to be on the ticket due to her youth, enthusiasm and experience, I don’t think she will make this time.

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Author: Stephen

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6 thoughts on “5 Candidates for Cork South Central FG Convention”

  1. Stephen, I got the impression that we’ve a lot of FG cllrs who are either contesting conventions or being nominated for them who are then going to use this step as a defacto nomination for the Seanad. In effect signalling that they’re one for the future. It’s encouraging to see people coming forward but also I think a little previous in some cases. I saw one incidence in the mid-west where someone who was elected for only the first time in 2009 was saying how people were urging them on for the Seanad come the next General election.

    As a party, I think we need to be careful to ensure that we don’t end up over nominating or running people purely as a pay off for withdrawing from a convention that they were never likely to win anyway. In some cases people might feel compelled to allow their name go forward for the Dail convention simply in case someone else were to go forward but withdraw and somehow get some first mover advantage from having done so. I think the party should actually look to run some sort of internal primaries for the Seanad nominations rather than the haphazard system that prevails at present.

    This is not a dig at either Des or Laura for going forward but rather that I hope that others across the country are doing so for equally genuine reasons.

  2. By primaries I was thinking more that we should do them on a regional basis, so as not to favour one area more than another. Let those interested visit Cork, Limerick, Galway and other places along with a big event on an organised tour that would be open to the public perhaps and make their pitch to the members and the Seanad electorate.

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