EMI: Jim Dooge European Research Medal

I got this today from the European Movement Ireland. Students of European Integration and Politics may be interested.

European Movement Ireland, the not-for-profit organisation that campaigns for every Irish person to get involved with the European Union and help shape it, will tonight announce the establishment of the Jim Dooge European Research medal.   This medal, which will be awarded annually to a student dissertation tackling an EU-related subject, is in honour of their late honorary President and major contributor to the formation of the EU, Professor Jim Dooge.

Speaking about this medal, which is set to be announced at their AGM tonight, Executive Director Andrea Pappin said, “Jim Dooge has had a profound effect on the formation of the European Union with his work in the 1980s. With his recent sad passing, the Board of European Movement Ireland want to commemorate our Honorary President and the incredible contribution he made to the development of the EU. We hope that through this medal, we can remember his work and his passion for Europe, with the hope of inspiring a new generation in Ireland.”

The Jim Dooge European Research Medal will be awarded to a student or group of students who undertake a dissertation during their college studies on a European Union-related matter. Other key details are:

§      Awarding of the medal will be judged by a panel of experts including representatives of the Dooge family. The announcement of the winner will be made every year at the AGM of European Movement Ireland, currently in September.

§      Interested students will be provided with access to an extensive archive of primary research materials, dating back to the 1950s. European Movement will also provide assistance to students with gaining access to key individuals for their research, if required.

§      There is an expectation that further prizes will accompany this medal; details regarding these are to be expected in the coming months.

Jim Dooge led a varied career, he was a politician, engineer, climatologist, hydrologist and academic.

Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs, (being only the second Senator to be appointed to the cabinet), Acting President of Ireland, Chairman of the Seanad, Professor of Engineering in UCC and UCD, Secretary General of the International Council for Science, President of the Royal Irish Academy and Chairman of the Irish Film Board.

It was during the Irish Presidency of the EU in 1984 that as Chairman of a key Committee, he and his team produced the seminal report on EU institutional reform which led to the Single European Act and the Treaty of Maastricht.

Even during this work as an expert consultant to a variety of organisations including UNESCO, UNEP and the United National Food and Agriculture Organisation, he continued his connection to the EU through this consultancy work with DGXII (Research) at the European Commission.

This was all on top of being Honorary President of the European Movement Ireland.

The Research Medal suggest by the European Movement Ireland is a fitting remembrance of this great statesman.

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