Red C Poll: October

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There is a poll in tomorrows Sunday Business Post by Red C. The topline figures are as follows:

  • Fianna Fail 18 (-6),
  • Fine Gael 32 (+1),
  • Labour 27 (+4),
  • Sinn Fein 9 (-1),
  • Green 4 (+1),
  • Independent 10 (+1)

Last months polls are here. Fine Gael have gained back one point of support and Labour have recovered the four points of  support they lost last month. Fianna Fail are back down, after stalling last month at 24.

Going by these figures, Fianna Fail will be wiped out at the next election and it will be a Fine Gael and Labour Coalition and they will be very close on seats leading to some interesting constituency campaigns!

UPDATE: have a seat analysis using the numbers from the poll and its has the parties on FF 32, FG 64, LAB 50, GP 0, SF 7, OTH 13. It would be an interesting Dáil!

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