Diary of a Canvasser: Winter Election Campaign

Cork South Central (Dáil Éireann constituency)
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During the Local and European Elections back in 2009 I tried to keep a bit of Canvass Diary to chart the mood and feelings and experiences on the Canvass Trial. For the upcoming General Election I plan to try and post about what is happening on the ground, where ever I end up canvassing!

So my General Election campaign started today with a canvass for Senator Jerry Buttimer in Cork South Central. We started in an estate in Grange which is the Carrigaline Electoral District.

The first thing I noticed tonight, is that the following is required by anyone going to canvass in this weather;

  • heavy jacket
  • hat
  • gloves (preferable fingerless, for seperating leaflets, taken notes and knocking on doors)
  • scarf
  • thermal underwear

Then you may stay warm! That or you end up doing jumping jacks as you wait for the candidate to catch up.

So how was the canvass? Well I was surprised we didn’t get a lot of “your starting earlier” comments. A lot of people were glad we weren’t Fianna Fail, others didn’t want to deal with any politicians.

The mood in general was fairly pro-change. Whether that will translate to Fine Gael votes or votes for other parties is the part that is hard to tell.

Personally, I was heartened by the response on the doors. People are annoyed and upset over the government and the bailout, but they are optimistic. They can see us getting out of this, and I hope that they are right.

Lets see how this pans out during the rest of the campaign. In the meantime I am off to defrost my fingers and warm up in general! I am not looking forward to canvassing in the snow if it gets that bad!!

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