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Here is an interesting Press Release I got today from Maltese MEP Simon Busuttil of the European People’s Party.

European Union Border Guard System proposed. Simon Busuttil MEP

“Europe can no longer look on powerless at emergency situations because it is unable to muster resources or pool assets.” Simon Busuttil MEP

Simon Busuttil MEP is proposing the establishment of a European Union Border Guard System that would bolster the EU’s external border agency, Frontex.

Busuttil presented his proposal in a draft Report on the review of the 2004 legislation that set up the Agency. The Report draws lessons from the first years of experience of the Agency and gives it a renewed mandate with more resources and tools to become more effective.

In his Report, presented last week in the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee, Busuttil tabled 68 amendments to the law.

“I welcome the Commission proposal to review Frontex and I hope to improve it through a series of amendments that are contained in my Report”, Mr Busuttil said.

“Frontex must be available at all times when needed, including in emergency situations. Europe can no longer look on powerless at emergency situations because it is unable to muster resources or pool assets. Frontex must therefore have the necessary means and equipment to deliver in a timely and efficient manner and its founding legislation must be changed to help us get there”, he said.

Busuttil’s most noteworthy political initiative is his proposal to establish a European Union Border Guard System. This would be composed of all national border guards who participate in Frontex missions, such as joint operations and rapid intervention teams. The EU Border Guard System would also include border guards who are seconded by individual Member States. On their part, EU countries will be obliged, by law, to participate in the system under the principle of ‘compulsory solidarity’.

In his Report, Busuttil also supports the European Commission’s proposal to grant Frontex the power to purchase or lease its own equipment in order to enable it to better respond to challenges at the Union’s external borders. Moreover, he proposes to grant the Agency the power to process personal data collected during its operations in order to help it play a stronger role in combating cross-border crime and illegal immigration.

He full proposals are available in this PDF.

Personally I don’t see this happening. I can’t see the UK agreeing to the ‘compulsory solidarity’. I would think other member states may have issues on that also.

Simon Busuttil MEP
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