The Green Party Sharing their mailing list?

Twice in the last week I have received e-mails from in relation to their latest campaign. Now this is not normally an issue for me, but it is because they are to my private email account. That is something I do not want.

Most press releases I receive are to the email account associated with this blog, (that is stephen(at)stephenspillane(dot)com) and I don’t mind that. That is what it is for. To receive stories, requests, ideas and press releases. All of which are gladly received to that account.

The first email arrived on the 11th of November from one of their members. So I sent back an email asking for my email to be removed from their database as I had not signed up to it, and it beings my personal account.

Today I received another email from And I was about to send another email asking me to removed when I noticed this sentence at the end of the email

This email was sent to <email address removed> from the Green Party

Why is the Green Party giving my email address to this charity? As I understand it, they are being supported by the Green Party, but why were they given my email address?

Surely that isn’t proper use of personal data?

I am very annoyed with the Green Party’s use of this data.

Note: The Green Party was given my personal account, as it was a friend who signed me up for that list with my permission.

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