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Continuing my search through the papers from yesterday for coverage of the YFG Conference at the weekend, the only paper with articles about the conference is the Irish Independent and they have two articles.

The first article is on Simon Coveney’s speech and his promise to give up his ministerial car if he is appointed a Minister.

“If I become a minister, I will not accept a state car. I’m telling you that now. You can quote me on it,” he said at the Young Fine Gael national conference in Charleville, Co Cork.

The second is a wide ranging article on many of the motions and speeches at the Conference. I like that they picked up Eric Keane’s comment’s about Labour and I think he does have a point.

… a perception existed in Fine Gael that the party “can’t touch Labour”, according to Young Fine Gael’s new president Eric Keane, from Clare.”Yet they get up on every occasion and criticise us. The Labour Party claims to be more pious and principled than the Pope,” he said.

Mr Keane said two interviews with Mr Gilmore revealed he was in favour of “not cutting anything, spending everything”.

“Lies and deception and hypocrisy,” he said to rapturous applause.

They also cover some of the criticism of senior party policy, namely NewERA

Fine Gael’s much-vaunted job-creation policy also came in for criticism. Tadhg O’Donovan, from University College Cork, questioned why the party was proposing to sell state assets in a depressed market.”The price you get for something like the ESB will be less than five years ago or in five years time,” he said.

They also covered the motion on cancelling mortgage debt.

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  1. There was a motion at LY National Conference commending Enda Kenny for his contribution to the Labour Party’s rise in the polls! 😉

    Totally agree about the privatisation argument – it is absolutely pointless in a recession, the State is hardly in a good position to barter on the price of the ESB. It is these kind of neo-liberal policies that got us in this mess in the first place.

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