Diary of a Canvasser: Slip, slidey, Christmas edition

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So I am just home from another night on the canvass. It was an interesting experience, but quote an uplifting one on a number of fronts. One was the response we got on the doorstop. Yes, while it was mainly anti-Government there was some very Pro-FG responses. Others wanted to complain and were eventually brought around.

The other reason it was uplifting was the Christmas decorations on all the houses. Lots of houses were all set for Christmas and of course that did make a difference to peoples attitude.

Very few people mentioned the budget, even tough it is tomorrow. It will be interesting next week to see what effect the budget will have on the doorstep.

It was an interesting experience tough canvassing tonight. Plenty of slipping and sliding around the estate, but no major falls. We called it a night once it started to rain as it was most likely to get worse. I wonder will it snow tonight?

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