Irish Times Poll: December

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Here are the latest figures from the Irish Time Ipsos MRBI poll. All figures are in relation to their last poll in September

  • Fine Gael 30% (+6)
  • Labour 25% (-8)
  • Fianna Fail 17% (-7)
  • Sinn Fein 15% (+7
  • Greens 2% (nc)
  • Independent/Others 11% (+2)

According to Adrian Kavanagh of it would translate into seats as follows:

  • Fianna Fail 26,
  • Fine Gael 58,
  • Labour 46,
  • Green Party 0,
  • Sinn Fein 18,
  • Others 18 (including 6 United Left Alliance/4 other Left wing candidates).

These are another set of interesting results. While not as bad for Fianna Fail as in the RED C poll for the Irish Sun it still shows up plenty of problems for Fianna Fail, despite the hope that Brian Cowens performance during the budget debates would rescue them. That did not happen. It also makes you wonder, how low will the Fianna Fail vote go?

While Fianna Fail are hanging on to the older vote, who are the most likely to vote, they are losing ground across all other sectors.

Labour are still dependent on Public Sector workers.

Sinn Fein are picking up votes from people who think Labour aren’t far enough left.

Are we beginning to see a left/right divide in this country?

Fine Gael are back up in this poll regaining some of the lost voters. While Enda Kenny is still down 2 points, he looks set to be the next Taoiseach, unless there is a left wing government formed.

Jason O Mahony has an interesting post on what could happen!

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