All Irish Parties Opposed to the Seanad, but are the people?

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So Fianna Fail have done a U-turn on the Seanad according to the Irish Times, they along with Fine Gael, Labour, the Green Party and Sinn Fein no longer want an upper house in the Oireachtas.

Is this want the people of Ireland want? Do we want an unfeathered Dáil whos only check on power is the President, who’s powers at that are very limited.

While I agree with those in favour of abolition that the Seanad is ineffectual, but if any of the 12 reports on Seanad Reform had been implemented, then we may have an effective upper house.

This is Irish populism and bandwagon-ism at its highest. While the cost issue is going to be brought up, unless we have a Dáil that is better at keeping the Government in check, we need a Seanad. It is the only part of our establishment where there are independent voices, Norris, Bacik and Ross to name but three. These all come from the University seats.

To me it would be a sad day for the Irish Political system if we were to abolish the Seanad.

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