Diary of a Canvasser: Where’s Enda?

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So we come to the end of the second week of the Election campaign and its been a funny old week on the doors. I was out of the country until Monday so I was only out two nights this week.

On Tuesday I was out canvassing with Simon Coveney in Mount Oval. This was the night of the TV3 debate in which Enda Kenny had decided not to take part in. This was one of the recurring themes on the door that night. Some of it was light-hearted ribbing, others were more serious. Some were brought around, others remained to be convinced.

On Wednesday I was out with Jerry Buttimer in Carrigaline. After encountering a Fianna Fail canvassing team in the estate we had to make a hasty retreat to another estate. The rules of engagement are clear on this, if another team are there before you, you pull out.

Again the issue of Enda came up on the doors, but no one passed comment on the performance of the other leaders. Maybe Monday’s debate on RTÉ will change that.

Apart from Enda the same issues are still coming up on the doors. Health, jobs, public service and political reform.

No Canvassing took place in Cork yesterday following the tragedy at Cork Airport.

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