Coveney, Creighton and Europe

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A lot of people mentioned to me that were surprised that Simon Coveney was appointed Minister for Agriculture, Marine and Food. To me it was no surprise, not only is Simon popular with farmers, in a Red C Poll for the Irish Farmers Journal Simon was the most popular candidate for Agriculture Minister, but he has European experience. The majroity of legislations, rules and payments relating to Agriculture comes from the European Union through the Common Agriculture Policy. This is where Simon will do an excellent job as Agriculture Minister. Why?
Easy, Its because he knows how the Europe Union works. Simon was an MEP from 2004 to 2007. He was a spokesperson for the European Peoples Party. He has experience with dealling with these issues in Europe. Also with CAP reform being a major issue, have a Minister with intimate knolwdege of how laws are passed by the EU and with contacts outside of the various Government, should mean that he may have a bit of sway in the EU.
Lucinda Creightons appointment as Minister for Europe was no surprise to anyone. Lucinda is a fromer board member of the Youth of European People’s Party, where she served as Vice President. Again this should work to her advantage. Lucinda will have a network of contacts within the EPP. This should help her to explain Ireland’s poistion to friendly ears and hopefullly get us a good deal. Its also more likely that she will turn up to more meetings than her preprocessor.
Here is hoping that these appointements will bear fruits for Ireland.

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