No2AV supporters trying to confuse people

I was doing my usual perusal of Guido Fawke’s blog this morning. This is a blog I normally find interesting and informative but as the Alternative Vote (AV) referendum campaign continues it seems to be peddling more lies about AV and STV (the PR varient used in Ireland). To try and show AV as a confusing system he posted this picture to try and show how confusing it is.

Now that picture above would be ok if it showed the actual results. But it dosen’t. Its the transfer analysis from the Dublin Central By-Election in 2009 which is on Elections Ireland. Not many people look at the page apart from Politics heads like me. The actual results of that election was

The full results can be viewed on the Elections Ireland page. Its fairly obvious from that picture who won the election, even from the first count. It really shows the desperation of those on the No side when they are peddling myths on how confusing AV (and by extension STV) are when in reality they are not.

Heres hoping the Yes Side will win.

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4 thoughts on “No2AV supporters trying to confuse people”

  1. I posted a comment on his post with a linkback to the count details of that election on electionsireland and Guido moderated it out! So much for free speech. The No2AV folks must be very touchy indeed.

  2. I’ve been hawking that by-election around for a good six months now to show that AV is used much closer to home than Australia, and to show the difference between the version used for Australian federal elections where the elector must rank all the candidates and the Irish version where the elector is free to rank just one or more if he pleases, the latter being the version we would have.

    The Tories just don’t want to know – I’ve posted it again and again on the Conservativehome website and on the Spectator website, and it almost always gets studiously ignored.

    Have you seen this?

    Former Australian PM John Howard being a bit puzzled by some of the questions from a BBC journalist:

    “Australia’s voting system – which is compulsory and requires electors to rank all candidates – is explained by former PM John Howard.

    He retells how a former PM managed to hang on to power with the support of second-preference votes, and how Australians are neither confused by their voting system or calling for a change.”

    You’ll notice how the ignorant BBC woman starts:

    “I know that you don’t have AV, you have this preferential vote system …”

    I hope it works OK, I had to try twice to get it to run through.

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