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The count for the Agricultural Panel started last night and has continued today in Leinster House. 28 candidates battled it out for 11 seats on this Seanad panel. The quota for this panel was 88,834. At least four candidates must be elected from each sub-panel.

The following have been elected.

  1. Heffernan, James (Lab) 1st Count (inside panel)
  2. Burke, Paddy (FG) 8th Count (outside panel)
  3. Bradford, Paul (FG) 14th Count (outside panel)
  4. Ó Clochartaigh, Trevor (SF) 17th Count (inside panel)
  5. O’ Domhnail, Brian (FF) 19th Count (outside panel)
  6. Comiskey, Michael (FG) 21st Count (inside panel)
  7. O Neill, Pat (FG) 21st Count (outside panel)
  8. Walsh, Jim (FF) 24th Count (outside panel)
  9. Denis O’Donovan (FF) 25th Count (outside panel)
  10. Paschal Mooney (FF) 25th Count (outside panel)
  11. Susan O’Keeffe (Lab) 25th Count (inside panel)

The Micheal Martin list seems to have not worked fully on this panel with James Carroll losing out. Brian O’Domhnail was on the list so it does work a bit. But at the same time 1 out 4 isnt a great finish. The Fianna Fail vote is extremely tight and the small number of candidates is making it easy for them to keep up numbers wise with FG.

Fine Gael seems to have ran too many candidates on panels but the transfers are remaining tight within FG candidates. But in the end the fact that most FG candidates are starting with low 1st preferences it gives FF an easy ride to steal seats. FG had 5 quotas on this panel, but only won 4 seats. I know they have gained a seat, but this is not how they should be doing it.

Labour have run the exact number of candidates on this panel. They have managed their votes and candidates well with both of their candidates elected. I am especially happy that Susan O’Keeffe has been elected. She will be excellent in the Seanad. Susan was elected as she was the last remaining candidate on the inside panel. Labour so far have have had 3/3 candidates elected, but on the upcoming panels Labour have lots of candidates and may suffer from the same problem as FG.

Standing of the Parties after two panels:

  • FG 6
  • FF 6
  • Lab 3
  • SF 1

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