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The Seanad elections are continuing today and the count for the Labour Panel took place yesterday and concluded last night. There was 21 candidates for 11 seats. 4 candidates had to be elected on each sub-panel.

The following were elected:

  1. Maurice Cummins (FG) 1st Count (outside panel)
  2. Healy-Eames, Fidelma (FG) 4th Count (inside panel)
  3. Maloney, Maire (Lab) 6th Count (outside panel)
  4. Cullinane, David (SF) 9th Count (inside panel)
  5. Mulcahy, Tony (FG) 13th Count (inside panel)
  6. Keane, Cait (FG) 13th Count (inside panel)
  7. Brennan, Terry (FG) 14th Count (outside panel)
  8. O’Brien, Darragh (FF) 17th Count (inside panel)
  9. Leydon, Terry (FF) 17th Count (outside panel)
  10. O’Sullivan, Ned (FF) 17th Count (outside panel)
  11. Whelan, John (Lab) 17th Count (inside panel)

So on this panel, Fine Gael managed the vote well and got 5 out of the 11 seats. Its a pity that this is probably the only panel that this will happen on. If there is to be another Seanad Election, FG have to look at this result carefully.

Fianna Fail managed to only get 3 and lost the seat of Donie Cassidy. He lost out on the last seat to Labour’s John Whelan who managed to hang in there until the end and take the seat. The Martin list again managed to get one person elected, that being Darragh O’Brien. FF seem to have a problem in getting women elected, but that might change with Panels featuring Avril Power and Mary White coming up.

Sinn Fein will be delighted with the election of David Cullinane and Labour can be very happy with their two seats.

Standing of the Parties after three panels:

  • FG 11
  • FF 9
  • Lab 5
  • SF 2


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