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The Government have published the Legislative Agenda for the summer session. The following bills will be published

  • Veterinary Practice (Amendment) Bill
  • Energy (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill
  • Dormant Accounts (Amendment) Bill
  • Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Bill
  • Patents (Amendment) Bill
  • Electoral (Amendment) (Political Funding) Bill
  • Electoral Commission Bill
  • Local Government Services Corporate Bodies (Amendment) Bill
  • Betting (Amendment) Bill
  • Central Bank (Supervision and Enforcement) Bill
  • Finance (No. 2) Bill
  • Fiscal Responsibility Bill
  • Ministers and Secretaries (Amendment) Bill
  • Public Service Pensions (Single Scheme) Bill
  • Courts (Enforcement of Maintenance and Appointment of Taxing Master) Bill
  • Criminal Justice Bill
  • European Arrest Warrant (Extension) and Extradition (Amendment) Bill
  • Spent Convictions Bil
  • Social Welfare and Pensions Bill
  • National Tourism Development Authority (Amendment) Bill

So there are 20 bills to be added to one that has been published, Criminal Justice (Community Service) (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill 2011. In addition the Government have agreed the heads of 41 other bills and they have also 105 possible bills under which the heads have not been agreed by Government,

Bills  of interest will the Finance act as that will bring in the tax provisions of the Civil Partnership Act. Also the other acts surrounding the banks will be of interest. The powers that will be granted to the Electoral Commission and the banning of corporate donations (including those from Unions) will also be ones to watch.

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