Why Fingal’s nomination isn’t worth the paper its written on

Senator David Norris
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You may read in the papers and on the internet that Fingal County Council have nominated Senator David Norris for the Presidency. Unfortunately for Senator Norris, this nomination will not count towards the four he needs.

This is because the Election has not yet been called and therefore nominations cannot be made. This is covered under the Presidential Elections Act 1993.

Under Section 16 of the act a Council is given the right to nominate a candidate. The only check on this is under Section 16 (2) which states:

A resolution under this section shall not be passed before the date of the making of the presidential election order in respect of the presidential election to which the resolution relates and, subject to sections 30 and 31 , such a resolution shall not be rescinded.

The election will not commence until the Minister Environment, Community and Local Government issues the presidential election order.

So Fingal County Council will have to re-vote on this after the presidential election order is issued.

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3 thoughts on “Why Fingal’s nomination isn’t worth the paper its written on”

  1. What are Fingal County Councillors at, voting for David Norris to run for the Presidency. The man has a condition which would hinder him running for the Presidency. It is necessary to have someone with culture, i.e. a good knowledge of the Irish Language and Irish culture and not to elect somebody just to show how enlightened and liberal we are – big deal. Nobody else crows about their sexuality. The man is too camp.

    A normal citizen.

  2. Better a President with poor Irish than one who is swayed by silly nationalist fairytales and pseudo-cultural snobbery. And better to have a man who is camp as President than someone who has a problem with camp people.

    The rules about nominations need to be reformed so that more candidates can run without having to get the support of a major political party. Any serious candidate with a reasonable chance of getting votes should be allowed to run.

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