Davis gets two more Nominations and Dana Announces

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Today has seen a number of events in the race for the Presidency.

Firstly the Independent Candidate Mary Davis picked up two further Council nominations with Louth County Council and North Tipperary County Council both voting for Ms Davis as they had not been approached by any other candidates. This brings her total number of nominations to 12.

1997 Presidential Candidate Dana Rosemary Scanlon has today announced her intention to seek an nomination for this years nomination. On tonights 6.01 news Ms Scanlon claimed to have secured a number of nominations but would not divulge the exact number of signatures she has.

Rumours are also abounding about a possible withdrawal this week, but it is unlikely in my opinion. We see what happens as the week continues.

Tomorrow will see a decision by the Fianna Fail Parliamentary Party whether or not to nominate or support a candidate in the election. It is believed that if a free vote is allowed, Senator David Norris, Labhras O’Murchú and Dana Rosemary Scanlon could all appear on the ballot making it the biggest field ever in for a Presidential Election.

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